Immigration Debate…

Today during an english class the subject turned to immigration… as it is often does.  In a moment of pure irony, a man with a last name ending in -ski proceded to tell me that immigrants were ruining his proud Germany.  When he was finished, I asked him about his own heritage.  “Sure, my parents were Polish” he tells me.  “but, I was born here in Germany.  I’m German!”

I’m fairly confident that in less than 50 years, a ‘German’ man named Yasin or Emir will be ranting about how the new wave of _____ immigrants is destroying ‘his’ economy.  When will we learn that lableling a group of people as ‘the problem’ has never been productive?  Worse yet, is the feeling of entitlement I hear from so many people.  As if everyone is out to steal their piece of the pie.  Perhaps people aren’t coming over the borders because it’s so wonderful where I happen to be.  Maybe it just terrible enough where they come from for them to leave.  And if that is the case, what are we left with other than to accept these new neighbors.

And that is exactly what they are, new neighbors.  Not some faceless person leeching off of the state.  Not some evil that will disrupt your tomarrow.  It is people like me who come here looking for a better life.  We want to provide for ourselves and our loved ones and see tomarrow a better day, for all of us.  If we can learn from our mistakes, this should be an easy one.  No wall will be tall enough, no border guards vigilant enough, no laws harsh enough to stop people from seeking out a better life.  So why not welcome them and support them and add them to the already amazing diversity that is German culture.

And besides… would you really want to live in a Germany without döner  ?


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