Modern middle ages…

Riding my bike home from 8 hours of solid work today, I was passed by a florescent orange Hummer with a plexiglass trunk containing what must have been a 50+ inch flat screen TV…


While trudging home from the King’s fields today I was passed by a jewel encrusted carriage, possibly transporting a Lord…

I had a great debate with my mom about the disparity of wealth.  I incited it by saying it disgusts me to live in a world where a child pop-star makes over $50 million a year, while every guy I know is worrying about next month.  She scored early points by pointing out that happiness is realative and that money solves few if any problems.  I countered with the predictable ‘oh, shed a tear for the poor rich man’ sarcasm.

Without hesitation and in a stunning display of verbal-judo, I found myself nearly bested by a quick ‘ah-ah… but we should shed a tear for you!’  Realizing I had once again underestimated my foe, I quickly changed tactics.  Nostalgia time…

‘But mom, when you were a kid, the richest guy in the neighborhood had a shiney Ford.  While maybe the poorest had to suffer with his rusted Ford.  I live in a world where I walk and the other guy has an Audi R8’

When will I learn?  “Would you go back ?” she asks.

I know I’ve lost…

Of course I wouldn’t go back in time.  If I could choose any time to be born as a random baby, somewhere in the world… I would choose today.  Who in their right mind wouldn’t?  A baby born today enjoys the peak of medicine, the longest life expectancy, the highest quality of life, the least chance of murder, the lowest rate of war, the highest quality/selection of food, the most freedom, and by far the coolest video games.

I dare you to disagree.


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One response to “Modern middle ages…

  • erkilic

    I think many rich people arent happy. they have disambiguities in their lifes which they want to balance with status symbols like cars or other material things.

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