DIY handgun…

I had a short day at work and had some energy to burn so I took apart my grill lighter…


After some tinkering, a bit of hot glue, and a trip to a dollar store… my masterpiece is complete 😀  I give you GrillGun…



For this mini-project I used 1 part dissected lighter and 1 part airsoft bb gun.  The key was finding a grill lighter with a big enough reservoir and a cheap bb gun with a solid tube barrel.  Once they were acquired, the assembly phase took no time at all.  The hot glue over the screw heads keeps the igniter from zapping me, and the leads are spaced to create a nice sized spark.  With a little isopropyl alcohol and a bb, you have yourself a hand-held, homemade firearm 😀  Cool eh?

I insert a q-tip soaked in juice into a hole drilled into the back of the housing, which is then plugged by a small densely threaded screw.  The trigger was made by melting down and sanding the lighters original trigger.

With all the ingredients and with what I know from building one, I would say it might take less than 30 minutes to create a second.  Considering it only cost maybe 5 dollars in parts and required a drill, hot glue gun, a bit of glue, and some scissors… I would call this project a massive success  🙂


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