Sun jar project…

Finished another project today, the sun jar 😀  This one turned out really well for a first attempt.  I used a solar garden/pathway light and an empty pickle jar (they were delicious btw).

After removing the solar/led assembly from my dollar store light, I cut a hole in the jar lid and hot glued the solar panel to the top, leaving the LED to hang below inside my jar.  At the hardware store, I picked up some colorless matte spray paint that was rated for use with glass and applied three coats to the jar.  As a final touch, I slid a purple plastic drinking straw over the led to give it a colored glow and diffuse the light a bit.

Over the next few weeks, I hope to make a few more in a variety of colors.  Total cost for this one was around 8 dollars, but half the cost was the paint, which should be enough for maybe a dozen jars.

I might add some kind of a diffuser to the bottow of the jar to eliminate the ‘hot spots’ of light on the next jar, but it seems fine without it…


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