Sun Jars version 2.0…

I was able to find some really cheap garden lights during a trip to the fleemarket with Sonia and her sister Sandra last weekend.  With a little more searching, I found some perfect glass jars in assorted sizes.  Pictured above, from top to bottom: the assembled light, the underside of the main piece, and my modded/reassembled version.


Here are two of the finished jars.  On the left I used the gardenlight’s existing top to make a nice brushed aluminum cap.  The second uses a solar panel mounted to the underside of a glass cap.  Although I like the look of the glass top, considering the additional work I will most likely make the rest using the aluminum top.

Also, I am working on a better colored glow set up that should give a more even and bright glow.  Pictures and details to come soon.  Besides painting the jars, the entire assembly process takes less than 5 minutes now 😀  With a Dremel tool I bet I could crank out 30 an hour…


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