Nothing serious, but I just want to warn all of my potential visitors of a few things.

1) The views and opinions expressed on this site in no way necessarily reflect my own or that of my employer.  I like to play devil’s advocate and I hope this can be a safe place where anyone can express their opinions.  Just as I will sometimes take a position even if it is not truly my belief, I encourage any commenters to do the same 😀  Sometimes its more fun that way!

2) Although I hope some of my students will find this a useful tool in their pursuit of English, I cannot guarantee my own grammar nor spelling.  I will at all times do my best to correct any mistakes, but due imperfections in automated correction as well as myself, the site will also be imperfect.  Please feel free to contact me via email if you spot any typos and I will do my best to update the post in question.

3) Anyone who chooses to post can do so anonymously (you can use any user name you like and the email field is only if you would like to receive replies to your comment.  I recommend that you not leave your email for privacy reasons).  In order to prevent spam as well as inappropriate comments, I will be moderating all posts.

Enjoy your stay and feel free to contribute,



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