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Long time, no write…

I know I have been neglecting my site but I will do my best to post more in the next few days. For now, here are some pics of the city 🙂







Graffiti pics…

Two shots worth sharing from a bike trip I took earlier today.

I didn’t expect it, but I encounter a surprising amount of people doing drugs while riding through the ‘less traveled’ paths of Duisburg. I always feel embarrassed because I feel like I am intruding. Is that weird?

Business Seminar…

About to start teaching a 6 hour seminar on business small talk and social situations (all in English). Should be fun!


Update: All done 😀  The class went great, really interesting group.  We basically did 6 hours of extended introductions with a little bit of general english tips worked in.  I also spent some time on common email phrases and culture differences (always fun).

I could tell that my time management skills and organization have really improved.

Areas to work on might be more structured team building or ice breaking activities.  Something prepared that takes maybe 10 – 30 minutes but is fun for the class, as a break from me lecturing 😀


Relaxing with Sonia and Kevin (brother in law). Talking about work and family.


Doctor Who Phone

The doctor who phone lives!!!