TED.com links

Here you will find my suggestions from the great selection of video clips available at TED.com All credit and great thanks goes to TED.com for providing these videos. Please take some time to visit their site as you will find thousands of videos covering a vast selection of subjects, all worth watching 😀

If you are one of my student’s and have found this page, I have rated each video using the Berlitz system of 1-8.

How to tie your shoes… (level 4)

There are some ‘tough’ words, especially towards the end, but overall its a familiar subject and shouldn’t be too difficult, even as a beginner.

Mindboggling science… (level 7/8)

Advanced vocabulary however subtitles are available in German (and 19 other languages). It’s a really interesting video highlighting some truly unbelievable advances in medicine and science. Mindboggling is the perfect word for this talk…

A next-generation digital book… (level 2+)

A more visual clip that will be great for beginners as well as advanced students. This video also does a great job of displaying the potential for ‘next-gen’ books. I wish my textbooks in school could have done this. I might have actually done some homework…. might.

Building the seed… (level 4, London accent)

This clip is a bit longer than most at just over 16 minutes.  Guys like this make me excited to see the future.  Could you imagine living in a city built by men like this?  What I find most impressive, is that his designs are attractive to both users (residents/visitors) and administrators (developers/investors) who will have to fund these projects.


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